CRM is not sexy, but it works.

CRM is not Sexy, but it works.

CRM is not Sexy, but it works.

’Customer centric organisations are 60% more profitable than companies who don’t focus on customers’. Forbes

When compared to our creative marketing counterparts, CRM is almost invisible.

Beautiful billboards and glossy ad campaigns are tangible, you see and experience the creative efforts come to life.

Whereas CRM is a complex mix of strategy, business processes, and technology. A flow diagram and a list of technical requirements just doesn't elicit the same response as great campaign creative.

And if we're really being honest, delivering against a CRM strategy is hard, especially when starting out. And what doesn't make it any easier is:

  • Data from multiple sources
  • Disconnected tech stack
  • Competing business priorities

But when executed effectively, CRM can truly revolutionise a business into a customer centric organisation by enhancing customer experiences, boosting satisfaction, driving up revenue and ultimately increasing profitability.